CCNS is a cooperative school, which means that the families become part owners and share in the management and maintenance of the school. Parents are an integral part of their child’s first school experience at CCNS.As members of the CCNS community families commit to four types of participation:

  1. School maintenance: each family is responsible for contributing three hours annually to the upkeep of the school.  All maintenance sessions are child friendly.
  2. Committee Work: each family is assigned to one of six committees: Newsletter, Fundraising, Parent Liaison, Publicity, Social, and Maintenance.
  3. Fundraising: funds for scholarships, major school improvements and operating costs not covered by tuition income are raised by parent efforts.  Each family is responsible for participating in our two longest running fundraisers, the Fall Tag and Bake sale and Mayfair.  Families are also encouraged to support other school fundraisers including holiday craft fairs, golf outings and spa nights.
  4. Classroom Participation: Once monthly parents get to meet their children’s classmates and see what goes on in class while helping with art projects and providing snack.
*A buyout option is offered to families with work schedule or commitment conflicts that prohibit participation.