Frequently Asked Questions

My child has never been left with anyone before. What happens if he cries?
The teacher will work closely with you and your child. The parent never has to leave until the parent and the child are comfortable.  To accommodate start of school uneasiness some children experience, CCNS has a “break in period” during the first week (first 2 weeks for the 2’s class) in which the class length is shorter.  Throughout the school year, there is a “bye-bye window” where children can watch the parent go and wave bye.  [ little sign above the downstairs window.  It’s very cute.  We use it all the time]

Does my child need to be toilet trained?
No. The teachers will change diapers when needed. If your child is in the process of learning to use the toilet, we will give frequent bathroom reminders.

What do I do when I participate?
The participating parent is in charge of the art project of the day, making sure each child has the opportunity to do a project and helping the children understand what to do. At clean-up time you encourage and help the children to clean up. At circle time you can participate with your child. You are responsible for the snack of the day. When it’s time to go outside to play, you help supervise the children on the playground.

How often do I have to participate?
Usually once every four weeks, depending on the number of children enrolled in your child’s class.

What if I can’t make any of the maintenance participation days?
The work days are usually scheduled on weekends and one evening session. If for some reason you can’t make any of the scheduled days, we will give you something to do on your own time at home, such as, wash dress up clothes, wash toys, repair books, etc.  A buyout option is available for families who in the end are unable to fulfill their parent workday commitment.